Wee Target is designed to be reusable and because it sits above water level it avoids  everything going into the toilet.  Wee Target sits out from the side of the toilet wall so it is cleaned with every flush. Wee Target also encourages flushing to see the black spot reappear.

Q.  How long does it last?
A.  Our recommended time is between 4-6 weeks depending on the acidity in the urine.  Do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals directly on the black spot as this can break down the components of the ink. No harsh scrubbing.  

Q.   Can Wee Target fall off?
A.    In all of our trials Wee Target has never fallen off.  However, Wee Target can be pulled off  for easy  cleaning.   Wee Target may be a choking hazard to children. Appropriate precautions must be taken so that a child does not swallow it.  Make sure the suction cup is securely fixed and dampening it will help.  Supervision with young children.

Q.   Does it flush?
A.    We flushed a Wee Target to see what would happen.  Our one got stuck on the S bend and we were able to retrieve it easily by hand.   We have had 2 flush since due to the Wee Target being pulled off by young children and with the help of toilet paper on top, it flushed through the s bend with no reported problems with blocked pipes. Every toilet is different and we appreciate any feed back.  Supervise young children to avoid the Wee Target being put down the toilet.

Q.    Can the black spot disappear by itself?
A.     If the temperature in the toilet is above 31°C the black spot can disappear, especially in summer if the temperature is extremely hot.  In our experience the cool temperature of the water keeps the toilet cooler.

As this is a brand new product, we appreciate any feed back you would like to share.