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Great invention Wee Target!! |My boys are hitting the toilet target almost every time now. Only problem now is that they don't stop drinking water so they can go for a pee all the time! Thanks so much from the boys (They are so excited by it) and from me (because I don't have to clean the mess)  Nat - 5 star rating Kidspot

My boy LOVES the wee-target toilet target.... every time he goes to the toilet, he is wanting to see if he can get the picture, there has been NO mess on the floor since i attached it. easy to use and attach, easy to clean when needed, doesn't come off at all. I think this one is a winner in my house :)
With BOTH of us, LOVE it!
Aussie Lass


They are awesome! We've been struggling to get our four year old to start standing up to go to the toilet and the Wee Targets have worked instantly! He thinks they are fantastic and hasn't sat down since we got them.  It's a bit cute hearing a little giggle come from the bathroom when he reveals the picture.  Excellent customer service, thanks again, Louise.

 Thanks Joanna! I received the "car" wee target toilet target on Wednesday. I would  just like to say that the wee target has made the BIGGEST difference to the state of our bathroom. Since using the wee target, my son has not missed the toilet target once! Who would know that he actually has quite good aim after all! The relief being that he no longer leaves our floors in a messy state.  Hooray! There is also the novelty of the picture 

You are one smart cookie. I saw the wee target ages ago somewhere and thought that it was cool. My problem was that my almost 7yr old son is toilet trained. He just sits down to do everything. Why? Because I'm a single mum and had no idea of how to teach him to do a wee standing up. After many times of one of my male mates trying to get him to stand up and go, I found wee-target at  on Saturday, stuck it on my loo and voila!! He stands up to do wees now :) Toilet training target a little boy when you're single is hard so to all the single mums out there....... WEE TARGET!!!!  I've even suggested it to the pre-school teachers where my daughter goes and they said that they would look into it.


Hi, Wee Target,

These are by far the saviour of my sanity and nose!! :) I bought just two wee targets to place in the toilets of our early childhood centre - our toilets usually smell absolutely revolting due to the constant weeing of at least 15 boys (multiple wees each!) weeing everywhere BUT in the toilet! Our first week back and not one young man has even come close to weeing on the floor OR the rim of the seat! I am absolutely thrilled!! The boys love going to the toilet target and are even remembering to flush to set it up ready for the next visitor. Even our Kindy bathroom (with 3 and 4 year olds) has been wee free. Thank you so much!!  Sarah  (I can not stop raving about your product!! people are laughing at me now cos i'm so excited about the boys toilet!)

Fabulous -  Bought these to try in my childcare centre toilets. The boys now aim straight at the toilet target and love to watch the picture develop. A great way to encourage a straight aim. A brilliant invention...
Sandra V  NSW


As a Mother and Nana I've found it quite difficult watching our daughter cope with all the problems a little boy being born, weighing only 756 grams caused, equally so from our grandson's perspective.  What joy, then to see after months of attempts at toilet traning James, the "Wee Target" worked so readily.  James says it's day time when it colours up, then it's night time when it goes dark again.  How can we offer sufficient thanks.  Well done Jo.  Regards (Mum & Nana) Iva Queensland.

I ordered my wee targets for boys at the end of last week and they arrived in the mail yesterday (very prompt service).  I have been struggling to get my son Campbell to wee on the toilet for 5 months now and as a last resort (because I just couldn't take it any more) I googled toilet training for any ideas / help and I discovered your product.  The wee targets for boys are by far the best product I have ever come across and I wish I had found them sooner!  We set one up straight away and my husband gave Cam a demonstration and since then we have had 3 successful wee's on the toilet, YAY.  Thanks again, Erin Queensland.


Hi,  just wanted to say that it is a great invention.  This has saved my wife headaches on keeping the toilet clean and increased both my boys confidence in getting their aim right first time, every time... (2 and 3 year old toilet trained in about 1 week with this!!!!!!!!).  Both parents extremely happy with this toilet training invention... works so well I bought one for my in-laws who look after our boys a few days a week to keep the toilet habits in check... both the Car and Fire Truck were great.  Awesome... great news now it's available in local K-Mart... Excellent news.

Thank you very much for your prompt service.  The Wee Targets arrived today and my 4 year old son is ecstatic about them.  After using it the first time, he revisited the toilet two more times - all in the space of about 2 minutes!  Then he raced off to drink more water, I'm pleased to say that there is no mess on the toilet floor!  Thanks again for helping with toilet training boys,  Shiree, NZ


Dear Wonder Inventors,

I truly wonder if you really know the value of your little Wee Target. Not only is it great for the Toilet Target Practice but as the mother of two special needs children I can tell you it is fantastic as an aide to toilet training.  We actually placed the target on the front rim of the toilet so that the children can sit (children with additional needs often have many sensory issues involving the toilet and sitting is often the way at first). So now both my Son and Daughter get an instant reward from using the toilet.  May I suggest the development of some girlie pictures like butterflies or ponies or fairies, etc as I feel the Wee Target could be marketed far more widely than just a target for boys.  In addition for special needs children - in our case Autism - the target has also conquered the fear of flushing the loo.  This has now become a great thing to do as it makes it "gone" as my son says. He has also started to use vocabulary about using the toilet for example "I made a car", "make a car go", "car gone", "wash hands now".  Anyone who has a child with special/additional needs knows that toileting can be a very long process but I feel that your invention could assist so many families both at home and at school, kindergarten, early intervention centres.  Well done and three big big cheers from our family. 
Kylee (Melbourne) - Mother of 3 children under 5 years.


I've just purchased a few Wee Targets as I have three boys and I'm forever cleaning the toilet floor as well as every where else!! My mum had bought some to try last year and gave one to each of her children as we all have boys and they were great, but of course we needed to replace them so I'm so glad I found your website so I don't have as much clean up and I'm hoping it might also help make it a bit of fun for the second child as he is toilet training at the moment!!  So thank you for thinking of this great design. 
Bianca  VIC.


Wee Target - THANKYOU!!

Raising children has its challenges, none more so as a parent with an autistic child, we need more patience and our kids have to work a whole lot harder.  Toilet Training boys is no exception, in fact an ASD child's toileting has spawn a whole industry of books, therapists, websites and DVD's, who new something as simple as the Wee Target would be our answer.  Thanks to this mum's midnight revelation our little man is off to big school with confidence of toilet training.  We had been working at this for 3 years, with the help of the inexpensive little toilet target we got results instantly, it's FUN, even the big boys get a kick out of it.  No more messes, no more smells, nor more nappies and ONE VERY PROUD LITTLE BOY!  Bless you. Michelle QLD

Wee Targets have been FANTASTIC for my two boys, 3 & 4.  They absolutely love them and I no longer have to mop the floor and clean the toilet daily!!  Funniest moment though was when my husband came in to tell me that the target didn't work - hee hee.  I told him that his sons managed to hit them and see the picture :)  Sue, Vic.


Just wanting to let you know we have been using the Wee Targets now for about 1-2 weeks and our boys (2 ½ yr old twin boys) just love them. It’s all about making the picture.  As they are so young they don’t always reach the target each time and explain to us that they did a little one that time, next time they do a big wee they will make the picture.  They think they are fantastic.  Our boys were trained quite early, out of nappies by 18 months, but have always had a few messes here and there when they like to do it all themselves.  We have seen such an improvement in their aim within the first few days of using the Wee Targets so I would like to congratulate you on such a simple yet effective toilet training boys product.  Tracy said you are looking at designing a train next; a definite thumbs up from us.  We LOVE trains like most little boys do.  Can’t wait for those to become available.  
Kylie QLD


Thank you the wee target arrived today and let me tell you it was a hit!!!  A went to the toilet about 20 times just to see the truck, and I have not had to clean up once today  YAy!!  So wee are all very happy, so thank you again for a wonderful Idea, good luck... Sloane  


Would just like to thank you for a fantastic idea. My youngest son is almost four and it was a struggle to get him to stand up to wee let alone keep it in the bowl. Since getting the wee target on Wednesday, he has only sat down to do “poos” and proudly tells me every time he goes to the toilet that he saw the soccer ball or the truck all by himself. So again, thank you very much.  Corey & Megan, Victoria

Hi my name is Elizabeth and on Monday I received my wee target from you.  I have twin boys who are just over three and I was over the whole cleaning up wee off the ground all the time.  Some times I walked into the toilet and there was a swimming pool of wee on the ground just waiting for me to clean up.  My boys are so excited about weeing and revealing the picture.  At present it is the car one.  Will definately be purchasing some more in the future for the twins.  I have another little boy who is 17 months old and in another few months will be going through the whole training again.  Am going to tell all my friends about your great Wee Target.  I often said to people the only bad thing about boys is that they don't get all their wee in the toilet.  Can't say that any more!  My Husband, my Brother, my Father and my Father-in-Law have all given the Wee Target a go too.  Very funny I think.   Thanks heaps.    


 I just wanted to say a very BIG Thank You for such a great invention.My three year old son has been toilet trained for over a year now, but I was STILL constantly having to clean the floor and the toilet several times a day!He waits too long, or doesn't quiet aim right, I'm sure you've heard it all before! But, thanks to our new Tow Truck wee target, the toilet stays so much cleaner, and my son, still gets very excited, weeks after first using the target, each time he sees the picture. He is happy to show all of our visitors too! Thank You so much you've made a mum very happy and a little boy aim correctly, FINALLY.  Many Thanks, Karen S 


"Brilliant idea!"
I have only recently discovered these existed, what a brilliant idea!! I have found myself complaining about the boys aim (!) on more than one occasion! They now love aiming to see the football toilet target appear and I love the clean toilet at the end of each day.

There are a million and one things that my little boy loves to do in a day, and so, getting in and out of the toilet as quickly as possible is a priority for him, meaning that unfortunately for me his aim is not always very accurate!! This has driven me crazy ever since he started using a grown up toilet, so when I had the opportunity to try out the Wee Target I jumped at it! The target simply attaches to the back of the toilet with a suction pad, and when your little man hits it, the colour changes from black to a white background with a picture on it - fantastic! I wondered how long the picture would take to fade back to black, but it goes black again as soon as the toilet is flushed kindly sent through the following feedback regarding Wee Target

Wee Target - making toilet training boys fun and entertaining.

I love the wee target because my son aims at the target instead of the Less cleaning = happy mum!
Wee Target - starting toilet training boys can be hard to know where to aim but this makes it easier for them and us.
The Wee Target without a doubt (I have 3 little boys....)
I love Wee Target - such a simple idea and so easy for both mum and toddler!
My favourite is Wee target! Great innovative product which will be fun and helpful at the same time for my little boy, Great designs just complement!
What little boy would not  stand tall after taking aim at the wee target of a soccer ball
I bought my nephew the wee target as he was having a little trouble in the toilet training boys department (he always wanted to go outside) so we used the soccer ball and whole no more misses, the greatest  invention!
Sorry, just can't decide on one item, they're all fantastic products,  undoubtably been designed by a mother, Who else would know what we really need.
Love the wee target! I am currently toilet training my toddler, and something to focus on (in the direction of the toilet!) would be very handy!!
Love the Wee Target. Am thinking of getting it for hubby. 

I love the Wee Target as with three sons I know they would love rising to the challenge of  'scoring' and I love clean walls.

I like the Wee Target. Such an in-genius idea and very useful to us Mothers of Boys =)

The Wee Target is ideal for toilet training my little boy as it turns going to the big toilet into a game for him.
The Wee Targets.  They are a brilliant idea and when it comes time for my son to be toilet trained i'll be buying them in bulk!

Love the Wee Target to teach toilet training boys and help stop messes!

Wee Target - keeps the yellow stuff in the bowl & great fun for the little ones.

I love the idea of the wee target for boys! My 20 month old has me thinking of tt'ing...Very handy!
Wee Target - I have 3 boys in the house, i'm sure you know why i need it!
My favourite is the Wee Target, as my son has a disability and being able to use the wee target would definitely help toilet training boys.
Wee Target makes toilet training boys fun.
Wee Target - currently toilet training a 2.5yr old boy & now have another boy - only 2 weeks old but will need the same assistance I'm sure!

I just had to drop you a line to let you know I received my Wee Targets yesterday and installed them this morning, much to the curiosity of my two boys (aged 4 and 5). Not only do they love to play ‘targets’, they also are drinking more water to have more goes, and they are even remembering to flush the toilet to watch the target return to black! I first saw your invention on the ABC’s New Inventors ages ago and found you in their program archives because I couldn’t remember the name, but I certainly remembered the concept. Thank you for providing me with a fun tool to keep the toilet floor clean! A very happy mum,  Ros QLD